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This Argentinean plastic artist was born in Buenos Aires, and started painting in grade school. Initially self taught, in 1980 she became a privileged disciple and student of the master Eduardo Mac Entyre. Under his guidance she learned to manage combinations and control spaces, defining –with personality, intelligence, sensitivity and delicacy- a refined taste with geometrical emphasis that is reflected in all her work.

She began exhibiting her work in 1983 in Buenos Aires, with a solo exposition. Later she exhibited in various different art galleries throughout Argentina and the neighboring Uruguay, where she shared her work as a guest artist.

She has made numerous trips to Europe and the United States, continuously participating in gallery events and contests, and achieving the recognition of various specialists.

Currently, she paints in her studio, works on complementary artistic activities (such as fashion design, porcelain workshops), and is part of the group of artists that make up the permanent staff of La Carbonería, the house where Benito Quinquela Martín spent his childhood, and which was restored for artistic and cultural use.

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Silvia Chami junto a su hija, con sus compañeros, Eduardo Mac Entyre y junto a sus sobrinos.
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